National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC)

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The National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) operates two synchrotron light sources, named Taiwan Light Source (TLS) and Taiwan Photon Source (TPS), which are both accessible for industrial and academic research communities.

The TLS with an electron beam energy of 1.5 GeV and a circumference of 120 meters was completed in 1993 and became the first third-generation synchrotron light source in Asia. The TPS has a 3 GeV, 518-meter circumference, low-emittance synchrotron storage ring that was completed in 2014 and opened to users in 2016. Apart from meeting much-anticipated scientific demands for high brightness and coherent X-rays, the TPS is one of few ultra-high brightness synchrotrons in the world.

The TPS control system has adopted EPICS as its framework, and is using it since 2014 to support commissioning and routine operation. Main features of the TPS control system are great expansibility, good flexibility, good integration and rich GUI display applications. To save resources for the TLS control system maintenance and development, EPICS has been adopted for newly developed and rejuvenated TLS controls subsystems. The EPICS related applications are developed continually, accompanying the existing TLS controls environment. The TLS control system allows two kinds of control environments to work together seamlessly.