EPICS Extensions

EPICS Host tools and client software are known in the community as Extensions. The following list gives access to individual pages for most of the standard extensions.

Some of this software can be downloaded from the individual web-pages linked below, and the collection of tools from APS are also available bundled together. See the Extensions Download page for details. A selection of the extensions are available on the GitHub EPICS Extensions site.

If your extension does not appear in this list, or there’s something wrong with an entry on this page, please use this link to report the issue. Please give an URL for your web-site if applicable.

User Interface Tools

Graphical User Interface tools are an integral part of any EPICS installation. Being client tools, there is a variety of implementations using different programming languages and toolkits. Below is a list of the most commonly known ones.

Central Services

Central Services are essential for sitewide integration and provide functions that are important for operation and maintenance of a facility. The most typical central services are data archiving and alarm handling but there are many more.

Language bindings and interfaces to other tools

IOC Database and Module Management Tools

CA Server Interfaces and Applications

IOC Extension modules

Other Tools and Libraries

(High Level) Application Packages