EPICS Training

EPICS Training courses have been run by various organizations at various times as the demand arises. The US Particle Accelerator School organizes an introductory course every few years.

The community provides a common repository for trainings at EPICS Training Material on Github.

The following commercial companies may be able to run EPICS training courses tailored to specific needs, for a fee:

Training Materials

The following are links to the training materials available online that we know about.

EPICS Training Resources by SNS

Kay Kasemir and colleagues from the SNS ran several EPICS courses. The materials used in these courses can be found here.
The last edition was at USPAS in February 2022.
Materials including presentations and a virtual machine image with a prepared EPICS environment can be found here: here.

NSLS-II 2018: Asyn, Motion and AreaDetector

A 3-day series of lectures by Mark Rivers, which are available as YouTube videos on Brookhaven’s Website.

APS 2014 and 2015: EPICS Training Series

The Software Services group at APS ran a 6-month series of courses aimed at local users, with most of the lectures being recorded on video. The talks given in 2014 are here and the 2015 lectures are here.

AES 2013: EPICS Training

A series of training days are being held at the APS for new staff over the Summer of 2013. The slides and other materials are here.

EPICS Training Classes at SLAC

The Controls group at SLAC has run a fairly active EPICS training schedule in recent years. Quicktime movies are available for several of these lectures, for example, these Asyn and areaDetector courses:

PSI: EPICS Training Materials

The Swiss Light Source has made their EPICS training materials available. As part of this, they have put together a course on writing Channel Access client applications in C which looks very useful for an experienced C programmer starting out with EPICS (it would be a good idea to have a local expert configure the lessons for your site before giving it to someone to use though).


Other training materials can be found here.
Note: a lot of them are not accessible anymore (dead links).