The following is a list of EPICS distributions – analogous to a Linux distribution, these collections of EPICS software have been proven to work together. It is much quicker to download and install a distribution than it would be to obtain all of the individual pieces and install them separately. Some distributions contain binaries from EPICS Base and/or various extensions, others may comprise source code only. For a list of downloads for EPICS distributions distributed by the APS Controls group check the EPICS Distributions Downloads page.


synApps is a collection of record types, device support, sequence programs and operator displays developed by the BCDA group at APS for X-ray beamline control systems and distributed as source code.

USPAS and EPICS Meeting Virtual Machine image by SNS

A virtual machine image with the complete setup containing EPICS 7.0.7, CS-Studio and areaDetector setup that has been used in the US Particle Accelerator School and trainings in EPICS meetings is available for download (~8.5GB); please follow the instructions.

ITER CODAC Core System

The ITER CODAC Core System is the development and interface kit for plant instrumentation and control systems at the international ITER project. It is based on RedHat Enterprise Linux (with MRG-R extensions for real time systems) and EPICS 7 in the lower layers and features Control System Studio including the BEAUTY (archiver) and BEAST (alarm system) services in the upper layer.

CODAC Core System is released regularly and distributed to more than 60 institutes and vendors within the 34 countries of the ITER project.

Windows Tools

Windows Tools is a collection of EPICS libraries and extensions programs, compiled and packaged with an installer for systems running Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7). These are built using Hummingbird Exceed but can run with other Windows X-servers.