EPICS Council

Created in September 2016, the EPICS Council was formed to optimize the use of resources available at investing facilities to ensure the ongoing viability of EPICS as the control system toolkit of choice for scientific facilities. To that end, the Council will:

  • Prioritize major EPICS upgrade projects for Base and Extensions to guide resource allocation decisions at investing facilities.
  • Develop a roadmap for future EPICS Core and Extensions development to facilitate planning for all EPICS sites. The roadmap will be developed using technical input from the chairs of relevant working groups (currently EPICS Core Working Group and CS-Studio Working Group).
  • Provide support to control system managers in promoting EPICS development efforts to their organization leadership.
  • Select semi-annual EPICS Collaboration Meeting sites and dates.
  • Ensure that EPICS continues to be an open collaboration and that contributions are open-source.

— from The EPICS Council Charter (2018)


The Council currently has 11 project representatives. There is no current Council Chair. The 2022 members are as follows:

  • APS — Guobao Shen
  • Diamond Light Source — Austen Rose
  • European Spallation Source — Henrik Carling
  • Fermilab — Pierrick Hanlet
  • ITER — Anders Wallander
  • ISIS — Freddie Akeroyd
  • Max Planck Society — Axel Winter
  • NSLS-II — Stuart Wilkins
  • PSI — Baymani Simaolhoda
  • SLAC — Daniel Flath
  • SNS Accelerator — Karen White
  • SNS and HFIR Instruments — Steven Hartman