IOC Support Modules

As more device and record support software was written at various EPICS sites to interface to different kinds of hardware, it became obvious that these modules could not all be managed and distributed centrally as part of Base. Since then many of the support layers have been removed from Base and are now maintained separately. Source code for many modules can be found in the Github epics-modules project.

Depending on the purpose of the modules they are categorized here as either Soft Support or Hardware Support.

Soft Support

A Soft Support module may contain a new record type, software-only device support, or some other software that runs in the IOC but which is not readily identified with a particular piece of hardware.

Soft Support database

New entries can be submitted to the Soft Support list by filling in this form.

Hardware Support

A Hardware Support module provides software for use within an IOC to control a real-world commercial device. Unless a design is published as Open Hardware and already in use by multiple sites, drivers for site-specific hardware are not appropriate here. Entries provide the manufacturer’s name and module number, a description, the current maintainer’s name and a web-site for the software if one exists.

The information in this database can also be found in a slightly different format at the APS EPICS Website, sorted by Bus, Manufacturer, Contact or Link. If the two differ slightly, this website should be more up to date.

Hardware Support database

New entries can be submitted to the Hardware Support list by filling in this form.

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