KSTAR Fusion Device

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KSTAR (Korean Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research), the most recent among global tokamak facilities, is a superconducting tokamak facility developed and built at the National Fusion Research Institute in Daejeon, Korea. Its purposes of ‘long-term fusion plasma operation’ and ‘acquisition of controlling technology’ are tasks that must be solved in order to commercialize fusion energy.

KSTAR is operated as an international joint research facility for fusion and expected to take the role as a satellite during the operation phase of ITER, as the first tokamak facility in the world developed using the same superconducting material as ITER, Nb3Sn, and as a hub for the global fusion research.

The knowledge base for fusion science and operation technology will be established through the operation of KSTAR. A world-leading position in fusion technology will be attained in the era of commercial fusion power plants.

Learn more at www.nfri.re.kr/eng/index.