Hardware Support

The following table contains a list of I/O devices for which EPICS device and/or driver support has been written.

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CAEN VME V260 Scaler, 16 chan, 24 bit, 100 MHz
CAEN VME V265 8-channel charge integrating ADC
CAEN VME V462 Gate Generator, 2 chan, 32 bit, 100 ns
Caen Ethernet (Asyn) A2620 Power Supply Eric Norum
Caen Ethernet (Asyn) A36xx Power Supplies Eric Norum
Caen VME (Asyn) V965 8/16 Channel QDC Eric Norum
CAENels Ethernet (Streams) FAST-PS Current- and Voltage-Controlled Bipolar Power Supply Jan Marjanovic
CAENels Ethernet AH401D 4-channel charge integration picoammeter Mark Rivers
CAENels Ethernet AH501D 4-channel bipolar picoammeter with analog monitors and bias voltage Mark Rivers
CAENels Ethernet TetrAMM 4-channel bipolar picoammeter with integrated HV source Mark Rivers
Canberra Ethernet/NIM 9615 Programmable NIM spectroscopy amplifier Mark Rivers
Canberra Ethernet/NIM 9635 Programmable NIM ADC Mark Rivers
Canberra Ethernet/NIM 9641 Programmable NIM high voltage power supply Mark Rivers
Canberra Ethernet/NIM 9645 Programmable NIM high voltage power supply Mark Rivers
Canberra Ethernet/NIM AIM 556 Multichannel analyzer (pulse-height analysis and scaling) Mark Rivers
Canberra RS-232 (RTEMS) ADM-606MC Portable Digital Multi-function Radiation Meter Tony Wilson
Chell Instruments RS232 (Streams) CCD100 Pressure transducer ISIS Computing Group
Cole-Palmer RS-232 (Streams) Syringe pumps Infusion/withdrawal syringe pumps Mark Rivers
Compumotor RS-232 CM-SX stepper-motor controller Alan Honey
Cryocon Ethernet (Streams) Model 14 cryogenic temperature monitor Pete Owens
Cryogenic Ltd RS232 (Streams) HLG2XX Helium Level Meter ISIS Computing Group
Cryomagnetics RS-232 (Streams) LM-500 Liquid cryogen level monitor Pete Owens
Cryomech RS-232 (Streams) CP2800 Liquid Helium Compressor Pete Owens
Cybaman Technologies RS232 (Streams) 3-Axis Manipulator 3-Axis Manipulator ISIS Computing Group
D-TACQ Solutions CPCI/PXI ACQ164CPCI 32-64 channel 24-bit digitizer, +/-10V, 128kHz, 6M samples, XScale IOC, Gb Ethernet Peter Milne