Hardware Support

The following table contains a list of I/O devices for which EPICS device and/or driver support has been written.

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The related Soft Support database is available here.

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Beckhoff EtherCAT EP4374-0002 Analogue Combi Ronaldo Mercado
Beckhoff EtherCAT ES2624 Digital Output Relay o/p, 2A @ 24V dc. Ronaldo Mercado
Beckhoff Ethernet (ADS) TwinCAT 3 EPICS Module to communicate with TwinCAT controllers over ADS protocol. Anders Sandstr\F6m
Beckhoff Ethernet (Asyn) TwinCAT 3 Streamdevice and/or motor model 3 Torsten B\F6gershausen
Berkeley Nucleonics VME B950/951 trigger delay; same as Highland V850/851 Benjamin Franksen
Berkeley Nucleonics (BNC) RS-232 505 pulse generator Digital pulse and delay generator Mark Rivers
Bio logic Ethernet (Asyn) SP300 Potentiostat ISIS Computing Group
BiRa VME VME 7305 Smart Analog Monitor, 32 chan, 20 bits, A/R Stephanie Allison
BiRa VME VME 7550 Summary Interlock and Alarm Module Stephanie Allison
BK Precision RS-232 (Linux) 1856D 3.5 GHz Frequency Counter
Black Box RS-232 (Asyn) Pow-R-Boot 5+ 110V Mains Power controller Eric Norum
BNL/NSLS VME GPLS Video text/interrupt/time code/DIO Jinhu Song
BNL/NSLS VME V101 EVENTLink Timing Master Input Jinhu Song
BNL/NSLS VME V102 EVENTLink Timing Slave Output Jinhu Song
Brooks Instrument RS-232 (Asyn) 254 Mass Flow Secondary Electronics, 4 channels Diego Dorta
Bruker RS-232 XFlash Multi-channel analyzer Mark Rivers
Bruker-AXS Ethernet CCD detectors X-ray diffraction detectors using the Bruker Instrument Server (BIS) Mark Rivers
Burr Brown VME MPV902 Digital Output
Burr Brown VME MPV910 Digital Input
CAEN Ethernet SY1527 High Voltage Power Supply Ru Igarashi
CAEN Ethernet SY2527 High Voltage Power Supply Ru Igarashi
CAEN Ethernet SY3527 High Voltage Power Supply Ru Igarashi
CAEN VME (Linux) V1290 Multi-Hit TDC David Beauregard
CAEN VME (Linux) V792N CAEN charge integrating ADC, 16 channels Russ Berg
CAEN VME (Linux) V820 Scaler, 32 channels Russ Berg