Hardware Support

The following table contains a list of I/O devices for which EPICS device and/or driver support has been written.

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The related Soft Support database is available here.

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VMIC VME VMIVME-2120 high voltage 64-bit binary output Graham Waters
VMIC VME VMIVME-2232 32-bit relay input
VMIC VME VMIVME-2532A digital input/output 32-bit relay Matthew Bickley
VMIC VME VMIVME-2534 32-bit binary input/output
VMIC VME VMIVME-2534 32-bit binary input/output Stephanie Allison
VMIC VME VMIVME-2536 32-bit binary input/output Alan Honey
VMIC VME VMIVME-3113A 12-bit scanning analog input, 64-channel
VMIC VME VMIVME-3115 analog input 12-bit high-thruput w/4 ch S+H Matthew Bickley
VMIC VME VMIVME-3122 100kHz 16-bit waveform recorder
VMIC VME VMIVME-3122 16-bit analog input, 64 channel Stephanie Allison
VMIC VME VMIVME-3122 analog input 16-bit high-perf Matthew Bickley
VMIC VME VMIVME-3123 analog input 16-bit high-thruput w/16 ch S+H Matthew Bickley
VMIC VME VMIVME-3801 12-bit scanning analog input, 32 channel Graham Waters
VMIC VME VMIVME-4100 analog output
VMIC VME VMIVME-4100 analog output Stephanie Allison
VMIC VME VMIVME-4116 16-bit analog output, 8 channel
VMIC VME VMIVME-4132 12 bit analog output, 32 channel Stephanie Allison
VMIC VME VMIVME-4132 32-channel, 12-bit analog output
VMIC VME VMIVME-4145 arbitrary waveform generator 4-channel 16-bit Matthew Bickley
VMIC VME VMIVME-4150 analog output 12-channel isolated Matthew Bickley
VMIC VME VMIVME-4514 12-bit scanning analog, 16/16 channel in/out
VMIC VME VMIVME-4514A analog input/output 16-channel scanning Matthew Bickley
VMIC VME VMIVME-5578 Reflective (distributed shared) Memory
VMIC VME VMIVME-5588 {5578 driver should also work with this card} Andy Foster
WAGO Modbus/TCP (Linux) 750 PLC Network control of WAGO PLCs, may work with others too.