Hardware Support

The following table contains a list of I/O devices for which EPICS device and/or driver support has been written.

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The related Soft Support database is available here.

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Tektronix GPIB DC5009 Frequency Counter
Tektronix GPIB TDS340,360,380 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix GPIB TDS540 digital Oscilloscope Benjamin Franksen
Tektronix RS-232 (Asyn) TDS3000 Oscilloscope series Nick DiMonte
Tektronix RS232 (Streams) 4000 Series Digital Multimeter ISIS Computing Group
Tektronix VXI TVS621/TVS641 8-Bit, 2/4 channels, 250 MHz,1 GS/s waveform analyzer S. Kate Feng
Tektronix VXI TVS625A/TVS645A 8-Bit, 2/4 channels, 1 GHz, 5GS/s waveform analyzer S. Kate Feng
Tektronix/CDS VME-VXI 73A-851 VME-VXI adapter Ned Arnold
TEWS IPAC-CAN (devLib) Tip810 CANbus Interface Module Andrew Johnson
TEWS VME-IPAC (devLib) TVME-200 6U IPAC Carrier, 4 slots Andrew Johnson
Thermo Scientific RS-232 (Streams) NESLAB RTE Series Chillers/Circulators Wesley Moore
Thurlby Thandar Instruments (TTi) RS-232 (Streams) EX355P Programmable Bench Power Supply Ian Gillingham
TriState Ltd. Ethernet (Asyn) PICNIC PIC16F877 based I/O card with analog input 4ch(0-5V,10-bit), digital I/O 8ch. Akito Uchiyama
United Electronic Industries Ethernet PowerDNA PowerDNA Cubes offer minimum size and maximum ruggedness; RACKs offer maximum reconfigurability and self-diagnostics Rick Van Nostrand
United Electronic Industries Ethernet UEIPAC GigE, Linux-based Programmable Automation Controller Cube Rick Van Nostrand
Varian RS-232 (ornlSerial) TSP titanium sublimation pump controller Pete Owens
Varian RS-232 (RTEMS) Dual Controller VacIon Power Supply Glen Wright
Varian RS-232 (RTEMS) MidiVac VacIon Power Supply Glen Wright
Varian RS-232 (Streams) Dual ion pump controller Pete Owens
Varian RS-485 (Streams) Dual Dual Ion Pump Controller Wesley Moore
VMIC VME (Linux) 2536 VMIC Digital IO module, 32 channels Russ Berg
VMIC VME VMIVME-1111 64-bit binary input
VMIC VME VMIVME-1129 digital input 128-bit Matthew Bickley
VMIC VME VMIVME-1182 64-channel binary input
VMIC VME VMIVME-2120 binary output 64-bit high voltage Matthew Bickley