Hardware Support

The following table contains a list of I/O devices for which EPICS device and/or driver support has been written.

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The related Soft Support database is available here.

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XIA RS-232 (Asyn) PFCU-4 NIM Control unit for Filter and Shutter Inserters David Beauregard
XIA RS-232 (Asyn) XIA-PFCU-4 Control unit for XIA PF4 and PF2S2 filter/shutter inserter J. Lewis Muir
XIA USB Mercury X-ray spectroscopy system (1 or 4 channels) Mark Rivers
XIA USB Saturn X-ray spectroscopy system Mark Rivers
Xycom IPAC XIP-2440 32 binary inputs, supports interrupts, debounce Andy Foster
Xycom IPAC XIP-2445 Digital output module, 32 channels Andy Foster
Xycom IPAC XIP-5320 Analog Input module, 40 channels, 12-bit, automatic calibration Andy Foster
Xycom VME XVME-210 Digital input
Xycom VME XVME-212 Digital input
Xycom VME XVME-220 Digital output
Xycom VME XVME-240 Digital I/O
Xycom VME XVME-530 Analog output 12-bit 8-ch Suharyanto
Xycom VME XVME-540 Analog input 12-bit 16- or 32-ch/output
Xycom VME XVME-566 Analog input 12-bit 16-ch diff/32 single
Xycom VME-Bitbus XVME-402 BITBUS Controller (3)
Xycom VME-IPAC (devLib) XVME-9660, 9670 6U IPAC Carrier, 4 slots Andrew Johnson
Yokogawa Electric Corp. Ethernet SL1000 High-Speed Data Acquisition unit, various input modules Joseph Ting
ZTEC Instruments IOC-DSO ZT4210 2 or 4 channel oscilloscope, 8-bit @ 1 GS/s, Embedded IOC
ZTEC Instruments IOC-DSO ZT4420 2 or 4 Channel oscilloscope, 12-bit @ 1 GS/s, Embedded IOC
ZTEC Instruments IOC-DSO ZT4430 2 or 4 Channel oscilloscope, 13-bit @ 500 MS/s, Embedded IOC
ZTEC Instruments IOC-DSO ZT4440 2 or 4 Channel oscilloscope, 14-bit @ 800 MS/s, Embedded IOC
ZTEC Instruments IOC-DSO ZT4610 2 or 4 Channel oscilloscope, 8-bit @ 4 GS/s, Embedded IOC