EPICS Extensions Downloads

This page contains pointers to the various EPICS Extensions which are distributed by APS under the terms of the EPICS Open license.

Point Releases

The following releases of individual EPICS Extensions are available for download. These are tar files containing purely source code, and have been compressed with gnuzip. For documentation, see the relevent page in the Extensions section of this website. That page also gives links to extensions provided by other EPICS sites which are not available from APS.

Note: This list might not contain all the extensions files that the APS makes available, and normally only lists one or two versions of each particular extension. Check the web page for the specific extension you’re interested in as the author may have uploaded a new version and changed that page without asking for this list to be updated.

or Date
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Extensions Config files (R3.13)2004/04/067 KBextensionsConfig_20040406.tar.gz
Extensions Configure files (R3.14)2007/07/036 KBextensionsConfigure_20070703.tar.gz
Extensions Top (R3.14)2007/07/0310 KBextensionsTop_20070703.tar.gz
Extensions Top (R3.14)2012/09/0412 KBextensionsTop_20120904.tar.gz
Array Display Tool1.5.6.0168 KBadt1_5_6_0.tar.gz
Alarm Handler1.2.35487 KBalh1_2_35.tar.gz
Archiver2007/07/03549 KBar_20070703.tar.gz
Beam Util2007/06/224 KBbeamUtil_20070622.tar.gz
Backup and Restore Tool2015/05/11753 KBburt_20150511.tar.gz
CA Examples1.23 KBcaex1_2.tar.gz
CA monitor2015/05/129 KBcamonitor_20150512.tar.gz
CA Object11.0.2.06 KBcaObject1_0_2_0.tar.gz
CA Object21.1.3.012 KBcaObject2_1_1_3_0.tar.gz
CA Snooper2.1.2.324 KBcaSnooper2_1_2_3.tar.gz
CA Save/Restore2015/05/1243 KBcasr_20150512.tar.gz
CA Tcl/Tk Interface2007/06/2550 KBcaTCL_20070625.tar.gz
CA Utility2013/01/1037 KBcau_20130110.tar.gz
Condition2007/06/227 KBcondition_20070622.tar.gz
DA Library2013/01/1529 KBdalib_20130115.tar.gz
Java dbStaticLib Interface2009/10/278 KBdbStaticJava_20091027.tar.gz
DB Verbose2013/01/2414 KBdbVerbose_20130124.tar.gz
Database Configuration Tool2002/08/0264 KBdct_20020802.tar.gz
Java Link List class2007/06/223 KBdoubleLinkList_20070622.tar.gz
Parameter Display Page1.1.640 KBdp1_1_6.tar.gz
Easy CA2015/05/1237 KBezca_20150512.tar.gz
EzcaScan2015/05/1119 KBEzcaScan_20150511.tar.gz
EZCA from IDL2015/05/1250 KBezcaIDL_20150512.tar.gz
GDCT1.3.182 KBgdct313-1-3-1.tar.gz
GNU Regex library0.1394 KBgnuregex0_13.tar.gz
Histogram Tool1.0.7.066 KBhistTool1_0_7_0.tar.gz
Image Catcher1.329 KBimageCatcher1_3.tar.gz
Infrastructure Monitoring (Nagios)2010/09/27930
Install Versions2015/05/126 KBinstallVersions_20150512.tar.gz
Java Channel Access (R3.14 Makefiles)1.0beta229 KBjca_20070622.tar.gz
Java Channel Access (Windows-x64 DLL binary)2.6.3247
Java DCT2009/10/2744 KBJdct_20091027.tar.gz
Java Probe1.313 KBjprobe1_3.tar.gz
Jefferson Lab Plotting Toolkit2.0.0.1111 KBjpt2_0_0_1.tar.gz
Knob Manager1.0.1062 KBkm1_0_10.tar.gz
Knob Config2007/06/256 KBknobconfig_20070625.tar.gz
MEDM3.1.111480 KBMEDM3_1_11.tar.gz
Motif Button2015/05/124 KBmotifButton_20150512.tar.gz
Macro Substitution Tool1.711 KBmsi1-7.tar.gz
Namecapture1.7.4.010 KBnamecapture1_7_4_0.tar.gz
Nameserver2.0.0.1441 KBnameserver2_0_0_14.tar.gz
OAG CA1.215 KBoagca1_2.tar.gz
ParseCASW1.0.3.015 KBparsecasw-1-0-3-0.tar.gz
Popup2013/01/103 KBpopup_20130110.tar.gz
Probe1.1.8.025 KBprobe1_1_8_0.tar.gz
Rampload1.5.410 KBrampload_1_5_4.tar.gz
ScanSee in IDL2015/05/1211036 KBidl_20150512.tar.gz
Scope Util2013/01/2510 KBscopeutil_20130125.tar.gz
SDDS Interface to IDL2014/07/11281 KBsddsIDL_20140711.tar.gz
Simple GIF Animator1.3.5.1111 KBsga1_3_5_1.tar.gz
StripTool2.5.16.0263 KBStripTool2_5_16_0.tar.gz
R3.13 Timestamp Library2007/07/0315 KBts_20070703.tar.gz
View Image1.3.1028 KBviewImage1_3_10.tar.gz

CVS Snapshots

The above extensions packages are maintained in the EPICS CVS repository at APS. In addition to the point releases above, you can also download the latest version of the source that has been committed to CVS. The following gzipped tar files are created shortly after midnight Chicago (Central US) time whenever any change has been committed to the CVS repository, thus they should never be more than 24 hours behind the latest development version of the extension concerned. If a creation date is several days or even weeks old, that means that nothing has been checked into that CVS branch between that date and midnight in Chicago last night.

There is no guarantee that any particular CVS snapshot will even compile, let alone run properly. Do not rely on these extension versions, although in many cases they should work properly and may contain the latest bug fixes that will be found in the next official release.