pvAccess and pvData

The most prominent new feature of EPICS 7 (and beyond) is the addition of the possibility to manipulate and transport structured data over the network. The data manipulation library is called pvData and the network protocol is called pvAccess. To enable writing both client and server applications on a variety of platforms, both of these libraries have been implemented in both Java and C++.  Both implementations provide the same functionality, however there may be subtle differences in the respective APIs due to differences between the languages.

The specification documents:

The documents listed here are descriptions of selected versions of pvAccess, pvData and related topics. This page may not be modified as frequently as new versions of of EPICS base are released, so you are recommended to check for newer documentation on the Base-release specific page of this site. Note that the version numbers listed here refer to the version of the respective modules, not to the EPICS base release version numbers.

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Closely related to the pvData and pvAccess modules is the definition of common standard data types, the so called Normative Types.