Tornado/vxWorks 5.5.x Information

This page provides a repository for information about using the WRS Tornado environment and the vxWorks 5.5.x RTOS with EPICS that doesn’t really belong anywhere else on this site. If you discover any other information that ought to go on this page, please let us know.

Note that there is a separate page provided for users of vxWorks 6.x and Wind River Workbench.

There is also a reasonably good Tornado 2.0 FAQ available on the web, mostly comprising answers to questions posted to the comp.os.vxworks news group.

Tornado 2.2 (vxWorks 5.5.x)


According to the Tornado 2.2 release notes, you cannot install multiple host and/or target architectures in the same directory.

Linux Hosting

See this page for information building vxWorks target code on Linux.

EPICS Support

VxWorks 5.5 is only supported on EPICS 3.14.x and 3.15.x releases. From Base-3.16 and later you must use VxWorks 6.6 or later.

PowerPC Issues

There is a separate page discussing the specific problems associated with using PowerPC CPUs under vxWorks/Tornado.