Base 3.13 Release Series

EPICS Base Release 3.13.x

All development on the R3.13.x series is now closed, and no further releases will be made in it, although it is still used in a number of places. Most EPICS sites are currently (or have already finished) upgrading their systems away from this series to the R3.14.x series.


The following documents cover the 3.13 versions of Base. Textual links are to HTML documents, other formats are indicated by an icon link.

Release Notes

Reference Documents

Platforms Supported

The following host platforms are supported:

  • Solaris 2.x on sparc and x86
  • SunOS 4.x on sparc
  • WIN32 on x86 using MSVCC or Borland
  • HPUX 10 on parisc
  • GNU/Linux on x86 (other CPUs untested)
  • Unix on SGI

These vxWorks IOC target platforms are supported:

  • Force CPU40 (MC68040)
  • Force CPU5ce (sparc)
  • Heurikon Baja47 (MIPS R4000)
  • Heurikon V2f (MC68020)
  • Motorola MVME147 (MC68030)
  • Motorola MVME162 (MC68040)
  • Motorola MVME162LC (MC68LC040)
  • Motorola MVME167 (MC68040)
  • Motorola MVME172 (MC68060)
  • Motorola MVME177 (MC68060)
  • Motorola MVME1604 (PPC604)
  • Motorola MVME2700 (PPC750)
  • National Instruments CPU030 (MC68030)
  • PC (i486 and above)
  • VXI PC (i486 and above)

Software Required

EPICS R3.13 requires that a site have installed the vxWorks RTOS from Wind River, which is sold as part of their Tornado development environment. Early versions of EPICS R3.13 require Tornado 1.0.1 (vxWorks 5.3.1). A patch is available for EPICS R3.13.2 to allow it to also be used with the newer Tornado Version 2.0. EPICS R3.13.3, R3.13.4, and R3.13.5 can be used with either Tornado 1.0.1 (vxWorks 5.3.1) or Tornado 2.0 (vxWorks 5.4).

See the Tornado page for some hints and tips from other EPICS users.

Also required are GNU make 3.76.1 or later, Perl 5.005_01, and gcc 2.8.1 or a recent version of the native C and C++ compilers for your host platform.

Software Downloads

All previously released versions of Base are now publicly available, including a nightly snapshot of the R3.13 branch of Base from the CVS repository. To discover the size of the download files in advance, visit the Base Download area. These tar files contain source code only (no binaries), and are compressed using gnuzip.